BOS, the second Biomega bicycle and Jens Martin Skibsted’s MoMA collected design is updated. The groundbreaking design that mixes American and European bicycle typologies is a valid urban tool. The BOS, named after the bicycle city where design partner - PUMA - houses its HQ is a street bike with a BMX flair.

This Instant Icon - part of the collections at the New York and San Francisco Museum of Modern Art - is street friendly and streetwise, no matter where the roads take you. Industrial art at its finest, but art made for the city: with its thick tires and low center of gravity, it goes where standard city bikes don’t. The Boston includes a front and rear disc brake and comes as an eight gear. Best part, you can leave your U-Lock at home. A wire that doubles as a lock is also a crucial piece of the bike’s geometry. A would-be thief who cuts the cord would find the bike as spineless as himself.

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BOS, the second Biomega bicycle and Jens Martin Skibsted’s MoMA collected design is updated.

Technical Specifications


Biomega aluminium frame

with CNC logo in down tube


Biomega aluminium fork

(night glow effect on white bikes)


Gates Carbon belt drive


Biomega aluminum handlebar


Black with embossed logo

Front and rear brake

Shimano hydraulic disc brakes


8 speed Shimano Alfine


- 24" aluminium rim


24x1.5 tire with reflective strip




10,8 kg

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    The AMS E-Low - the 3rd generation Biomega AMS/Amsterdam - bridges the heritage of several bikes from the Biomega portfolio, including Marc Newson’s SYD and both the NYC and OKO from the design collective: KiBiSi. Jens Martin Skibsted also stays true to Biomega’s design heritage in that the bike is well integrated and chainless; fitted with a carbon belt drive.

    The Biomega AMS E-Low is a semi-monocoque pedelec that provides a smooth daily ride. Its mix of city bike features combined with moped physiognomy and power make it a sturdy and reliable companion for contemporary urban transport. Its low center of gravity allows for both easier entry and more comfortable cycling.

    Developed for city dwellers and greater urbanites, the AMS E-low features a lightweight aluminum frame that provides an enjoyable commute. The latest Biomega AMS design offers the highest level of performance while genuinely accommodating busy urban and peri-urban lifestyles. The AMS is a lightweight and highly practical pedelec with an elegant twist.

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    OKO LS

    The OKO Lowstep is a unique, fashionable and high-performance bicycle from Biomega, designed for those who live a truly urban lifestyle. In-line with Biomega’s pioneering chainless bikes, the OKO caters to the modern traveler by incorporating an active electrical power source, meaning more prolonged and ef cient travel. This ambitious expression of Biomega’s ethos combines cutting-edge commuter technology with top-end quality design.

    The ingeniousness of the OKO/Tokyo has only been possible due to the (once again) highly successful collaboration between Danish design group KiBiSi and Biomega - built purely with the commuters sense of tranquility and comfort in mind.

    This bike functions to last - the full carbon design is impressively strong, making it a match for even the most robust urban environment. Fitted with integrated front and rear mudguards, the bike incorporates a single, unique carbon belt drive, replacing the chain altogether. Impressively, the OKO weighs in at just 18,6kg, making it one of, if not the lightest commuter e-bike available on the market today.

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