Biomega makes a range of bikes, both mechanical and electric, all of them aimed at people who need to travel in and out of towns and cities. They all share a simplicity of design and quality of construction but their appeal is very broad, as is their purpose. Which is why men and women of all ages can be seen enjoying Biomega, whether riding to the office or delivering boxes.

There are thousands of different bikes to choose from but only a small handful of them are distinctive. Take the most expensive bike in the world, remove the logos, and it looks pretty much like any other.

A Biomega, on the other hand, is so unique that you would know it anywhere even though it has no stickers or badges. A fact that has not gone unnoticed by design award juries all over the world. Our newest bikes are electric powered, lightest in class, and come in two frame silhouettes and a small range of colours - although white is Biomega’s signature ‘colour’.

As our customers tell us, ‘they don’t scream eBike’. This is partly because the battery and most of the necessary wiring is hidden within the carbon fibre frame. 

Many products get less impressive and more disappointing the closer you inspect them. A Biomega is the exception. Such simplicity of design has only been achieved by a production quality which many competitive manufacturers envy.

Simply put, having been convinced by the story of why a Biomega exists, you can be confident of riding a bike that lives up to your expectations. Or, perhaps, exceeds them.